Sunday, July 25, 2010

SDCC: Man stabbed in Hall H at Comic-Con

I guess some fans get a little uptight when the Universal Studios panel in Hall H was about to begin because there was a stabbing right before the panel . The news spread fast through the Hall that somebody was stabbed. I just couldn't believe somebody actually stabbed another person at Comic-Con.

 I did some digging into the stabbing news and found out it really wasn't that bad of a stabbing. Apparently it was between two friends that got into an argument over them sitting to close to one another or over a seat that they both wanted. All in all, the guy stabbed his friend right next to his eye with a pen.

Here is a photo of the man who did the stabbing. At least he didn't stab his buddy in the back.

The panels in Hall H resumed an hour later. 

Benjamin Myers
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