Friday, July 23, 2010

SDCC: Alex Aja wants to Remake Maniac

The French director Alex Aja told in interviews that he would be interested in remaking the crazy gory 1980 horror film Maniac.

He said "[It's] something that I want to be involved with my long-time partner and co-writer, Greg [Levasseur], will direct. It might happen." He also said papers are not signed and no deal has been finalized, but it's something he would like to take over. 

So, the project is still just talk for now.

I hope that they get Tom Savini back to get his head blown-off. Oops. Did I ruin a scene for you. O'well. 

I like the idea of Aja directing because he did some good films including The Hills have Eyes and High Tension. Although, he didn't do so good with Mirrors. I still haven't seen Piranha 3D yet, so I will get back to you with that later.

More News to come.

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