Friday, July 23, 2010

New Xbox 360 Arcade model and Kinect Bundle

Microsoft has confirmed the release of an Arcade model of the newly redesigned Xbox 360 for a very low $200.

The new Arcade will feature the recently redesigned Xbox 360 unveiled at E3 this year, expect it will be sporting a new matte black finish.  The new model will also include 4GB of internal flash memory.  There will  an empty hard drive slot, but Microsoft reps. have said that there is still no news on hard drives for the new Xbox 360s.

The new Arcade will ship on August 3rd and replace the current Xbox 360 Arcade and other 360 models.  Microsoft will also stop producing all Xbox 360 models featuring the original design.

Microsoft also announced a new Kinect bundle featuring the new Xbox 360 Arcade mentioned above and the controller-less motion control Kincet kit.  The bundle will be available sometime in November, coincidentally with the release of the Kincet itself,  and will retail for $300.  The bundle will include with the motion detecting camera and a copy of Kinect Adventures.  

You can also buy the Kinect kit alone the includes the camera and Kinect Adventures for the price of $150.

Dominic Sacco
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