Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gatchaman Teaser Trailer

Gatchaman is a movie that has been in turmoil since Imagi Animation Studios went into rough times after their last film Astro Boy tanked at the box-office. I have seen some stuff for this movie a long time ago and was intrigued. I have never seen the animated series from the 70's, but it seems cool. Finally, they release some footage, but it looks like it should belong on Cartoon Network. Hopefully they polish it a bit more to compare to TMNT.

"Gatchaman" is an animated science fiction/action film that centers on five young superheroes who are apart of the International Science Organization, set to stop a group of technologically advanced villains that are trying to take control of the Earth's natural resources.

Gatchaman is hopefully hitting theaters in 2011.

Benjamin Myers 
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