Saturday, July 17, 2010

Despicable Me Review

"Despicable Me is a nice little film released in the wake of 3D sequel films like Shrek Forever After and Toy Story 3"

I really liked the cast the best in the film because the actors are well-known and doing completley different voices. Steve Carell does a russian-like voice that is very funny and amusing. Then, there is Russell Brand doing a non-Russell Brand voice that will be liked by people that don't like him very much. This movie is filled with stars such as Jason Segal, Kristen Wiig, Will Arnett, Julie Andrews, and Danny McBride.

The film is actually very original and has verbal and visual gags that will amuse the whole family. You usually have trouble amusing the parents of the kids that your film is marketed to, but the dialogue in Despicable Me is clever enough to make parents laugh ,maybe, even more than the kids. I probably laughed even more than the little 5 year-old kid next to me when Gru said a quirky line to the kids he adopts. Then, parents will love the adorable children, especially the youngest girl because she is a normal 4 year-old.

The one thing that gets the kids laughing is little adorable "minions". The little yellow guys have all the things that make something cute and lovable including high voice, garbled language, small statures, childish personalities. I won't be surprised to see them have their own stand-alone movie or tv show like the penguins from Madagascar. Without the little guys it wouldn't be so funny to kids. They amused me and a lot of parents in the theater, but they could have annoying to some people overtime.

The story itself is quite unusual when it comes a movie with nothing but super villains. Some might notice that it is a bit weird that there is all these villains living in the community next-door to you in a normal looking house with no "hero" insight. I really liked the whole idea of a world of villains and no heroes. This kind of plot without Heroes can maybe have it's toll on the kids by showing the wrong message about being evil.

The kids will love this movie and parents will be able to sit through it. Thats all that matters right?

The story is kind of out there, the voice acting is superb, 3D is not really worth it and the minions are adorable.

I give Despicable Me a


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