Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kick-Ass Review

Kick-Ass is the best comic-book movie since The Dark Knight. The movie is great from every aspect of gore, profanity and humor and is just..well Kick Ass!

I waited for this film to get released since Comic-Con 2009. I just watched the clips they had shown there and was instantly interested in this offbeat superhero movie. Kick-Ass was just something I never saw in any comic-book movie; mixing so much humor and wrongness, that makes it seem right.

I realized that this movie was awesome from just the first 5 minutes with the voiceover by the main character. That just set the mood for what you were about to see.

The characters have to be the absolute best part of the movie with Kick-Ass, Big Daddy, Red Mist and the best of all Hit-Girl. The main character Kick-Ass is lovable and just a normal teen trying to make a difference. Every normal teenager can relate to dave (Kick-Ass) as high-school student just being there and unknown. Red Mist is also they same way as Kick-Ass in the sense of being an unknown kid, but he is the son of a rich and powerful villain.

Then, there is Big Daddy and Hit-Girl. The duo is just a nightmare for every criminal and grandparent taking their grandkids to go see a cute comic-book movie. They are as real as anybody will get to become a hardcore vigilante. They have the training and the fire power to basically kill the entire mafia. Well, if the mafia even existed...cough...cough..they do....cough. Big Daddy is the perfect character for Nic Cage with the personality to loving and being able to blow a guys head off a second later. I love the tongue-in-cheek reference to being similar to Batman, but being able to actually kill people without a problem. The best character and most controversial reason for this movie to get blasted by soccer moms everywhere. She has the mouth of a sailor and she is only, like 11 years old! She is sweet and adorable without the costume and every mothers dream-child. When, she puts on the costume she just turns bold and a killing machine without any remorse. She was the most intriguing character in film within the last 20 years.

The thing that made this movie work with its eccentric story and characters is the sense of realism within the world it is set in. The cinematography and direction really showed the bright colors and clearness in the really awesome universe of Kick-Ass and is very close to being almost like our world is now. Matthew Vaughn should get some awards for this movie in the near future. I really loved the realism and hope other filmmakers take note of the great tool.

The only downside is the cliches kinda get out of hand with some coming strait from Spider-Man. For example, the house where Dave lives is basically the same house as spider-man; I even said to my friend next to me "just watch because Mary Jane will be taking her trash out at the same time as he is getting home. Also, the training on the roof and drawing in his notebook at school. It just bugged me a little bit.

I would recommend this film to all high-school kids willing to see some brutality mostly caused by a little girl to see a great all around film. I will say that if you are older than 45 and don't like violence, then just pass this by and go take your grandchildren or your own kids to see How To Train Your Dragon.

Kick-Ass is simply Kick-Ass


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