Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smith Attached for Two Independence Day Sequels?

IESB is reporting a rumor that Will Smith has signed a deal with 20 Century Fox to make not just one but two sequels to Independence Day.

No news on if the rest of the cast and crew are coming back, but director Roland Emmerich said back in December that he has an idea for the sequel and wants to maybe make a trilogy. So, this rumor could have some truth to it.

Shooting may start as soon as 2011 and most likely to start filming after the completion of Will Smith's next film either Men In Black 3 or The City That Sailed. (When He chooses which one? I have No idea)

I do hope they make a trilogy because I love the first one and watched it many times in the late 90s. Smith and Goldblum were great together.

More News to come later when available 

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