Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

  •  President and CEO of SCEA, Jack Tretton, confirmed that there will be a Killzone 3.  When asked about the thrird installment in the series, he wouldn't specify when it would be released, but did say that it was in development.  Killzone 2 was pretty amazing, I'm just hoping that Killzone 3 will be even better. Here's what jack said
"Well, we own Guerrilla Games and they did a great job on Killzone 1 and 2," he said. "I don't know if you'll see announcements about it, but I can promise you a Killzone 3."
  •  It's been announced that Electronic Arts and developer Visceral Games will release a new game based on the 19th century serial killer Jack the Ripper.  The game is reportedly a download-only title that will be available on the Playstation Networkk and Xbox Live.  Since it's being made by the same developers from Dead Space, it should be pretty interesting.
  • Warner Bros. Studios has announced a brand new game developing studio in Montreal, Quebec today.  The studio is said to be focusing on creating DC Comics licensed video game titles. The studio will house "high-end interactive gaming product development" as well as animation, QA, and game translation.  If they produce more games like Batman: Arkham Asylum then I say go for it.
  • Microsoft has confirmed the launch of a standalone 250GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 in North America.  The hard drive will put you back a whopping $129.99.  That's a little high when i bought my 500GB hard drive for my PS3 for only $100.  Microsoft has some pretty loyal customers if they're willing to pay that much for something so little.
  • Nintendo has announced the new 3DS, a new hand-held system scheduled for release before March of 2011.  The announcement stated that device will incorporate 3D technology without the players needing glasses.  The 3DS will be backwards compatible with all DS and DSi games.  It has many unconfirmed features.  These features include a new joystick, force-feedback, and increases in battery and wireless support.
  • In recent comments about Project Natal, it was said that there was a specific amount of space required for it to work properly.  Microsoft says that those comments were misinterpreted and ensures that Project Natal will work effectively in any room, no matter the size.  I guess we'll just have to find out for ourselves if it works or not when Natal is released globally this holiday season.

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