Monday, March 22, 2010

Chris Evans Confirmed as Captain America

Source: Variety

There have been so many rumors at who will portray Captain America in the Joe Johnston directed The First Avenger: Captain America. It's good to know that the search is over because Chris Evans has accepted Marvel Studios' offer for him to portray Steve Rogers/Captain America just hours ago.

The Marvel deal will call for him to star in at least 3 Captain America films, The Avengers, and cameos in other Marvel films. Thats a lot of dough for him.

I will say that he is on the top of the list for people who have the looks, attitude, and on film presents to play Rogers. I wish him luck and He will most likely be BA.

Also, Hugo Weaving will play the films main protagonist Red Skull. That is probably the best casting I have seen in a longtime.

More news later

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