Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shutter Island Review

"Shutter Island is one of the best psychological thrillers since the Hitchcock years."

I will start of saying that I was deeply worried that Shutter Island would be a movie with an "A" list director (Martin Scorsese) and cast (Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Kingsley and Mark Ruffalo) working on a "B" movie plot. This mix hardly ever works. The movie starts out feeling like a "B" movie but changes to the classic Alfred Hitchcock feel. I was interested in that feeling coming from a acclaimed drama/crime director. The feeling intensified all throughout the story to the point of me wanting to go watch some classic Hitchcock films afterward.

The acting and atmosphere were the final pieces of the puzzle for me liking the film in general. Leo gave it everything he had and it showed. There is a major scene close to the end that really showed just how good of an actor he is when he has good direction. The emotion that he puts on throughout is absolutely stunning because he will be serious and tough then in the next he switches to the person that you feel sympathy for him. As for the atmosphere, It was amazing. I have to give a hand to Scorsese for making it look and sound extraordinary. The setting could have been hard to get just right, but he did it with the amazing cinematography to give it that classic film from 50s feel. He really had a great crew for almost every aspect of production.

My favorite part that added to the atmosphere was the fascinating music score. The first scene on the island made me feel excited to watch it because they had chosen this eerie song that gave off this odd sensation of fear. The score, from what I heard, wasn't made for use in this movie, but he had chosen songs that would add to the period feel. I am so glad he made that decision because he succeeded when it started until it ended. I will say their is that one scene that had beautiful acting and sound. The song made me get into the film and feel his pain as it was happening.

It does kill me to say that their only major weakness to me was the writer. No, not the writer of the book, but the film adaptation. The writer, Laeta Kalogridis, has never done anything I would say is good with a resume of Pathfinder, Birds of Prey, and Alexander. Even with the great direction, acting and story it was because of the abundance of dreams that flashbacks killed the momentum the story. The plot is still great even with those problems. The psychological aspect is still great with messing with your mind, but yet some will figure it out and some won't and thats the truth. They want you to think something else is going to happen, then they throw a "winger" in the mix and makes you want to say "Wait.....what is going on?". The ending line still has me thinking.

I suggest you see this film if you like psychological thrillers, Leonardo DiCaprio, and a good all-around cast and crew. 

92 out of 100

Benjamin Myers

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