Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trailer of The Week - A Nightmare On Elm Street

The Trailer of the Week is the remake of the classic slasher flick from the 80s A Nightmare On Elm Street. The remake is directed by Samuel Bayer (Various music videos) and starring Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen) as Freddy Krueger, Rooney Mara (Dare), Kyle Gallner (Jennifer's Body), Thomas Dekker (The Sara Connor Chronicles), Katie Cassidy (Black Christmas), and Clancy Brown (Highlander).

The trailer shows that they adds some cool new ideas and some classic scenes from the original. I can't believe I'm saying this, but this actually looks like a good film, even if it's with out Robert Englund.

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Trailers Released This Week

I know it's Sunday, but here are some good trailers released this week.

How to Train your Dragon 

The Karate Kid

The Joneses

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daily Movie News

Thursday, February 25, 2010

  • Latino Review broke news yesterday that David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight, FlashForward) is attached to write the next Superman movie. The movie is currently titled The Man of Steel. He is the only person attached it at the moment. Also, the story will involve Lex Luthor and Braniac and isn't a origin story. Superman himself Brandon Routh will not star and Brian Singer isn't expected to direct. That's awesome with Goyer writing, but it sucks without Routh as Superman.

  • Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover, Youth in Revolt) is going to star in a buddy supernatural/comedy called Miracle Workers. Zach will play a man posing as an exorcist with a pal. The buddies think they got it good until they are faced with a real menace. Sounds like it could be funny.

  • Mickey Rourke has officially signed on the Conan movie to play Conan's father. Also, MMA fighter Bob Sapp has signed on to play Ukafa. Filming starts on March 15th. This movie could be cool.

  • Writer Justin Theroux (Tropic Thunder, Iron Man 2) is reportedly in talks to direct Zoolander 2. He will most likely to write it with Ben Stiller. No news on Owen Wilison returning, but Jonah Hill is in negotiations to play the villain. Zoolander was awesome and with Hill playing the villain this could be good or bad.

  • Nicolas Cage and Ryan Reynolds have been cast to star in a 3D CG/comedy called The Croods. Dreamworks Animation has hired Chris Sanders (Lilo & Stitch, how to Train Your Dragon) and Kirk DeMicco (Space Chimips) to write and direct the film. Cage is just selling himself to make back some money he loss. 

  • Action movie star Bruce Willis announced that he his going to be working on two anticipated sequels next. He announced that they are going to make Die Hard 5 maybe sometime as close as next year and he will contribute in taking McClane worldwide. Also, Willis wants Live Free or Die Hard director zlen Wiseman to return. His other film is the sequel to the M. Night Shyamalan directed Unbreakable cleverly titled Unbreakable 2 (for now). He talked to Night over the holidays and they decided not to do a fight film between Willis and Jackson, but instead an origin story. He also stated he will return if Sam Jackson does. So I can't wait for both of these movies. 

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Shutter Island Review

"Shutter Island is one of the best psychological thrillers since the Hitchcock years."

I will start of saying that I was deeply worried that Shutter Island would be a movie with an "A" list director (Martin Scorsese) and cast (Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Kingsley and Mark Ruffalo) working on a "B" movie plot. This mix hardly ever works. The movie starts out feeling like a "B" movie but changes to the classic Alfred Hitchcock feel. I was interested in that feeling coming from a acclaimed drama/crime director. The feeling intensified all throughout the story to the point of me wanting to go watch some classic Hitchcock films afterward.

The acting and atmosphere were the final pieces of the puzzle for me liking the film in general. Leo gave it everything he had and it showed. There is a major scene close to the end that really showed just how good of an actor he is when he has good direction. The emotion that he puts on throughout is absolutely stunning because he will be serious and tough then in the next he switches to the person that you feel sympathy for him. As for the atmosphere, It was amazing. I have to give a hand to Scorsese for making it look and sound extraordinary. The setting could have been hard to get just right, but he did it with the amazing cinematography to give it that classic film from 50s feel. He really had a great crew for almost every aspect of production.

My favorite part that added to the atmosphere was the fascinating music score. The first scene on the island made me feel excited to watch it because they had chosen this eerie song that gave off this odd sensation of fear. The score, from what I heard, wasn't made for use in this movie, but he had chosen songs that would add to the period feel. I am so glad he made that decision because he succeeded when it started until it ended. I will say their is that one scene that had beautiful acting and sound. The song made me get into the film and feel his pain as it was happening.

It does kill me to say that their only major weakness to me was the writer. No, not the writer of the book, but the film adaptation. The writer, Laeta Kalogridis, has never done anything I would say is good with a resume of Pathfinder, Birds of Prey, and Alexander. Even with the great direction, acting and story it was because of the abundance of dreams that flashbacks killed the momentum the story. The plot is still great even with those problems. The psychological aspect is still great with messing with your mind, but yet some will figure it out and some won't and thats the truth. They want you to think something else is going to happen, then they throw a "winger" in the mix and makes you want to say "Wait.....what is going on?". The ending line still has me thinking.

I suggest you see this film if you like psychological thrillers, Leonardo DiCaprio, and a good all-around cast and crew. 

92 out of 100

Benjamin Myers

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Nightmare On Elm Street Poster and Pics

Warner Bros/New Line Cinema revealed a new "cool" poster for A Nightmare On Elm Street remake that is hitting theaters on April 30th. Hey, that is one day past my B-day. Also included is 4 new images that surfaced online. Teaser trailer released a few months ago is below them for the people wanting to see it. Check them out below.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Kick-Ass Coming to PSN and iPhone

Today, WHA Entertainment, announced it is bringing Kick-Ass to the Playstation Network and iPhone on April 15th.  Based on the upcoming film of the same name, Kick-Ass will give players the option to step into the shoes of 3 characters: Kick-Ass, Hit Girl, and Big Daddy.  The main quest will have a story line similar to the film.  Along with the main quest, there is also many sub-missions and mini games to play.  Players will have the option to play alone or with 2 players locally.  WHA Entertainment also promises a "plethora" of gore.  Here are some screens of the action.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daily Movie News

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

  • Hopefully third time is the charm for Warner Bros. because they moved the release date of The Losers once again to April 23rd. The original release date was April 9th then moved to June 4th. Warner Bros. must be feeling scared for the success of this adaptation.

  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will have its first trailer released in March; in theaters attached to Remember Me starring Twilight star Robert Pattinson. So, all of you Twilight fans can freakout now and go make this movie huge just to see a short trailer.

  • Acclaimed director James Cameron (Avatar, The Terminator) is consulting Marc Webb with the production of the spider-man reboot. He says it's not about characters or direction, but use of his revolutionary 3D technology Cameron used for Avatar. This could end up being awesome.

  • The L.A. Times is reporting that Universal Pictures is rebooting the American Pie series for theatrical release. Universal has declined to comment on the reports at the moment, this most likely means it's true. Also, they are reporting that some of the original cast is interested in returning. I can't wait to see more on this later.

  • Creator Joss Whedon (Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Firefly) and Morgan Spurlock (Super-Size Me) are rumored to be working together on a Comic-Con based documentary around the fan culture at the huge event. They are looking for people to follow for 3 months leading up to Con and during it. This could be interesting because Super-Size Me made me never want to eat McDonalds again. I have been McD-free for about 10 years and the film gave strength go on. Comic-Con could be good this year, although last year was a blast. 

  • NBC is looking to resurrect Steven Spielberg's supernatural series Nine Lives. The series was originally written for SyFy about 3 years ago, but they never did anything with it. NBC is rewriting some aspects of it to appeal to a broader audience. I would watch this show just because Steven Spielberg created it. Do the 12 hour mini-series NBC. Do it

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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Days Will Fade Away When There Is Chaos

Here is a countdown clock for the upcoming game God of War III. It is very small, but still, it is sufficient.

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God of War III Vengeance Trailer

Today the new Vengeance trailer was released for God of War III. This is the first trailer we have seen since the footage shown at E3 almost a year ago. If you haven't already seen this, it will definitely satisfy your taste for God of War until the game is released in 31 days. Until then, I wouldn't expect to see much more gameplay footage. Lead Designer, Stig Asmussen, said in an interview that Santa Monica Studios would not be releasing too much gameplay footage because they want to make sure nothing is spoiled. Here, check out the trailer below.

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The Game Zone

  • The idea of a subscription based Call of Duty games is sounding more and more likely. President and CEO of Activision Bobby Kotick says "If you think about the success that we've had in other product categories on subscription, you can get a sense of the direction that we want to take that franchise." President and CEO of Activision Publishing says that they have been looking into new business models for the series.

  • The game Darkest of Days, even though it got terrible reviews, is going to the big screen. It is said that the writers from The Rock are attached to create the screenplay. Even though the game didn't do so well, I think it's is a neat concept for time traveling soldiers to go back in time to change the outcomes of war. I don't know how good this will be, but we'll have to wait and see.

  • Today, a representative from TimeGate confirmed that a PS3 version of Section 8 is scheduled for release, but does not have a specific ship date. Section 8 was originally announced as a multiplatform game for the Xbox 360, PC, and Playstation 3, but a PS3 version was never shipped with the others back in September.

  • Jack Tretton, President and CEO of SCEA, announced today that Uncharted 2: has sold close to three million units worldwide. He wrote, "Games like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves are surpassing our lofty expectations as it outsold the franchise's first PS3 game and is now closing in on three million copies sold worldwide."

  • Finally Dead Rising 2 has landed a release date on August 31st. While waiting to get your fix on slaughtering of zombies in Dead Rising 2, you will be able to download a playable prologue to the game on Xbox Live sometime in the short future

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Trailer(s) of the Week - Killers and The Last Airbender

I couldn't decide between the two movies for Trailer of the Week. So, I just picked both of them and that is a first for The Last Stand. Killers looks surprisingly good and The Last Airbender might surpass my expectations.

The Last Airbender 

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Noah Ringer, Jackson Rathbone, Dev Patel, Nicola Peltz and Cliff Curtis. Hitting Theaters on July 2, 2010.


Directed by Robert Luketic and starring Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl, Tom Selleck, Katheryn Winnick and Rob Riggle.

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New Movie Trailers

There is so many good Movie Trailers released this week it's tuff for me pick the best one. These are all great.

Toy Story 3 (Trailer 2)

Get Him To the Greek

Leaves of Grass



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Released In Theaters

Movies hitting theaters this weekend. check them out

The Wolfman (R)

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lighting Thief (PG)

Valentine's Day (PG-13)

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daily Movie News

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

  • Variety is reporting that New Line Cinema is looking to reboot the "Vacation" franchise and has hired John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein to write the screenplay. The film will be in the tone of Planes,Trains and Automobiles, not like the sequel films. Also, the film will focus on Rusty and his family in todays world. 

  • The Losers is getting pushed back from April 9th to June 4th. This move doesn't make much sense to me because it will be released 1 week before The A-Team. I bring this up because The Losers is getting compared to The A-Team because of similarities. June will be a very big "Team" month, which isn't bad for fans of both.

  • Tyrese Gibson gave a teaser update on Transformers 3 with a Tweet stating "TRANSFORMERS 3: Is Full THrottle Full Steam Ahead..... Michael Bay gave me the start date.. And I can't share...". It sounds like everything is ready for production to start and hopefully it's better than Transformers 2.

  • There has been many rumors for a couple of months that Twilight: Breaking Dawn is to be made into 2 full length films in the nature of the last Harry Potter films. Well, Deadline Hollywood has reported that they will be split into 2 films and begin production in October, but the studio says the decision hasn't been made yet. In my opinion "who cares".

  • Vulture is reporting that the Hughes Brothers (The Book of Eli) are in talks to direct the live-action adaptation of Akira. The site also says that the studio is looking to make Akira in two parts; with the first being released next year. Yet another film being released into two movies. I kinda hate the idea of two movies.

  • Writer David Self gave updates on some of his films. RoboCop is in a holding pattern until MGM works out their troubles and it's not a sequel but a origin story, so it's another reboot. And the adaptation of Marvel's Deathlok is going nowhere for now to his knowledge. 

  • New Line Cinema's remake of Escape From New York is finally moving forward because of a well received rewrite by Allan Loeb. Vulture says "Loeb nailed the humor in Plissken without slipping into camp, and he changed Snake's rescue-mission target from a president to a female senator, thereby upping the banter quotient". This could be interesting to see if they get a real American attached to star as the Snake Plissken.

  • Paramount Pictures announced that it is making Mission: Impossible IV and it will be released on Memorial Day Weekend 2011. Tom Cruise is returning as producer and star. Producer and director J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot Production are also producing it with Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec are attached to pump out a script with an orginal idea by Cruise and Abrams. This could be pretty awesome or just let the series die.

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Spider-Man Reboot is in 3D

The Spider-Man reboot will be hitting theaters worldwide in 3D on July 3, 2012. That was the big announcement made yesterday by Jeff Blake, Chairman of Sony Pictures Worldwide Marketing & Distribution. 

Also, the untitled film will begin production later this year with the direction of Marc Webb and with a screenplay by James Vanderbilt. So, be sure to check back for updates on casting and anything else related to the reboot.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daily Movie News

Wednesday February 10th, 2010

  • Writer David S. Goyer and Jonah Nolan announced that they are currently writing the next Batman movie in the Christopher Nolan series. No news on villains,plot details, or anything.

  • Jon Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens has finally settled on a release date of July 29, 2011. The announcement came after Universal moved Peter Berg's Battleship from that date to May 25, 2011. The only other film set to be released on July 29th is Sony's The Smurfs

  • Another change in the release date for Priest. This time it has been pushed back to January 14, 2011 for a release in 3D. This movie just cannot keep a date set and now it's in 3D (WOW).

  • Fox is developing a reboot for the Daredevil franchise to keep the rights to the property. Screenwriter David Scarpa (The Day the Earth Stood Still) is rumored to be writing it. So, maybe it will be better then the Ben Affleck movie, even though it's not a bad film. 

  • Director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) is rumored to be helping with the production of the next Superman film is some way. He probably won't direct it, but he may help with character development, casting, and production. Who cares what he helps with because it's effing Chris Nolan.

  • Animated film company Imagi International has gone bankrupt and their film in production CG-film Gatchaman is safe for now. The anticipated film is being outsourced to mainland China to get finished. So you fans can breath again.

  • Twilight star Taylor lautner will star in Stretch Armstrong. Stretch is based on the hit 70's toy from Hasbro that was relaunched in the 90's and is getting a feature-film treatment from Academy Award winning producer Brian Grazer and Steve Oedekerk has written a screenplay for it. I just don't know how a skinny kid will play a hulking beast of a man. I just don't see it.

More news later and maybe a name change. I just don't have time to do "Daily Movie News", so maybe Just "Movie News". 

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Movie Trailers: Super Bowl Edition

Here are the movie trailers shown during the Super Bowl last night. Some are basically the same as their previous trailers with the inclusion of a few things. Some have never-before-seen footage. Check them out.

Robin Hood

The Last Airbender

Alice in Wonderland

The Back-Up Plan

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Brooklyn's Finest

The Crazies

Shutter Island

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Trailer of The Week - Cop Out

The Trailer of The Week goes to Kevin Smith's Cop Out.

Directed by Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mall Rats) and Starring Bruce Willis (Die Hard), Tracy Morgan (SNL), Sean William Scott (American Pie, Road Trip) and Jason Lee (Mall Rats).

Two longtime NYPD partners on the trail of a stolen, rare, mint-condition baseball card find themselves up against a merciless, memorabilia-obsessed gangster. Jimmy (Willis) is the veteran detective whose missing collectible is his only hope to pay for his daughter's upcoming wedding, and Paul (Morgan) is his "partner-against-crime" whose preoccupation with his wife's alleged infidelity makes it hard for him to keep his eye on the ball.

Here is Trailer (Red Band Trailer) contains Language, and a child getting hit, suggestive images)

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Trailers Released This Week

Here are some Trailers Released This Week.

International Kick-Ass Red Band Trailer


Grown Ups

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Movies Released In Theaters

Here are the movies hitting theaters on February 5th, 2010.

Wide Release

From Paris With Love

Dear John 

Limited Release


District 13: Ultimatum

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