Thursday, January 7, 2010

Close To 4 Million PS3's Sold Over Christmas

Earlier today, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, CEO of SCE Kaz Hirai revealed some pretty impressive console sales numbers for the Playstation 3 over this holiday season.

According to Sony, 3.8 million PS3's were sold worldwide from the end of November to the new year, with 1.7 million being in the US alone. The company says that it's a 76% increase in sales from 2008's holiday season figures.

According to VGChartz, Sony is slowly catching up to Microsoft in hardware sales. The PS3 has now sold 31 million consoles while the Xbox 360 has sold 36 million. That's really good for Sony considering the fact that the Xbox 360 was released 18 months before the playstation 3. To check out other hardware sales or even software sales, take a look at

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