Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Avatar Sinks Titanic

James Cameron's Avatar has officially passed Cameron's last film Titanic to become the Highest Grossing Film of All-Time. That is a major record-breaker because the record has been standing for over 12 years.
 James Cameron must feel a sense of accomplishment because he has two of the Highest Grossing Films of All-Time with one still earning more. The Titanic had a total box-office of $1,843,201,268 and Avatar has passed that with $1,858,866,889. Avatar is history in the making for movies and technology.
 Avatar still has many weeks left in theaters to gross more. The only other major record it has to break is Highest Grossing Film Domestically because Titanic still hold that record (for now) with $600,788,188 and Avatar after just 39 days has passed $554,981,691. I will say it, Avatar will beat that record and then some.

 I cant wait to see what it will do when released on Home Video.

Benjamin Myers
PSN ID and Gamertag: fusionman15

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