Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Top 15 Christmas Movies

Christmas Eve is here and I have compiled the best list of Christmas movies that are awesome to watch every year around this joyous time. I picked my favorite movies and put them in order by how great they are, and it was very hard, but I think it's a great list. Comment your favorite christmas movies if they are not on the list, or if they are just not in your order.

15. The Nightmare Before Christmas                              

14. Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer (Stop-motion)

13. Bad Santa

12. Miracle on 34th Street (both versions)

11. I'll Be Home For Christmas

10. Elf

9. Gremlins

8. A Christmas Carol (all versions)

7. Scrooged 

6. Die Hard

5. Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas (both Cartoon and live-action)

4. A Christmas Story 

3. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

2. Home Alone 

1. The Santa Claus

There you have it, my favorite christmas movies ever. Remember, write a comment and tell us what your favorite Christmas movie is.

Benjamin Myers
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  1. Elf should not be on that list :O

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