Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Stepfather Review

The Stepfather is a remake of the 1987 horror/thriller film of the same name. It's directed by Nelson McCormick, who has directed a lot of TV, but not many feature films. This is his second studio film; Prom Night was his first. I didn't really think it was that good. There wasn't any suspense in it and it was very predictable. It started off really slow and didn't pick up much until the end. The final showdown wasn't even that long, it was 5-10 minutes long and nothing really happended. Also, the trailer shows footage that wasn't in the movie, which I thought was kind of stupid. I do think that Dylan Walsh(Niptuck) was a good cast for the part because he was creepy and awkward. He was pretty believable. Overall, I think the movie is watchable, but it's not really recommeded. I give The Stepfather 78 of 100.

Dominic Sacco
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