Monday, November 30, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 Review

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to one of the most successful FPS of all time, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. MW2 starts off 5 years after the events of the first game. You begin the game as PFC Joseph Allen of the U.S. Army Rangers where you are stationed in Afghanistan, then later go deep undercover as a Russian for the CIA. Then You play as Private James Ramirez, a member of 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment, who has to defend the East Coast of the U.S. against the Russion invasion. You mainly play as character as Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson of the Task Force 141. Roach is under the command of a familiar face from MW1, Soap McTavish. He has been promoted to captain of the SAS and commands most of the operations in the games. Task Force 141 is in pursuit of Vladimir Makarov, the games main antagonist.

The single player campaign of Modern Warfare 2 may be slightly short, but it is surely packed with a lot of action, suspense, and tragedy. Some scenes can touch a lot of emotions such as the death of friends and betrayal and others can fill you with anger. The overall campaign is not quite as good as the first but its still worth while playing.

There is also a cooperative mode called Special ops, where players must complete challenging missions with a certain objective. The objectives range from killing a certain amount of enemies, to killing tougher enemies with only an explosive weapon, to beating time trials. These Spec Ops can be fun playing alone, but can be really entertaining while playing with a friend. If you plan on buying or renting MW2 you should definitely check it out.

The best part of Modern Warfare 2 is without a doubt, the online multiplayer. It contains the same Exp. points,reward system, and most of the game modes from the first game, but introduces several new features. It features perks 2.0 and new streaks. There are several new killstreak and deathstreak rewards. The killstreak rewards range from the traditional UAV, to a tactical nuke, a predator missile, a AC-130 and many more. Another new feature, and not a very good one, is the new third-person mode. You might play it once or twice but won't be playing it all the time. You'll find that you will be playing most of your time online. I must say that it is a lot more fun to play than the original and you will lose yourself in the mindless action and excitement. Overall MW2 is great game with not only a fun campaign mode, but a thrilling and entertaining online mode. I give Modern Warfare 2 a 91 of 100. If you haven't already bought this game, you need to... Matt!

Dominic Sacco
PSN ID: sacco2011

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