Thursday, October 8, 2009

Zombieland Review

Zombieland is a great movie by putting horror and comedy together and making it work really well. Many movies try to do this, but not as well or as successful. Zombieland had a budget of only 23 Million and it brought in 25 million on opening weekend. The cast had good onscreen chemistry being a wide variety of actors. This has been Woody's first time being #1 at the box office as a main role in many years. This will introduce Jesse Eisenberg to a wider audience since his last film Adventureland wasn't widely accepted by the general audience. Overall I love this film, not just because I like zombie films, but because Ruben Fleischer did an amazing job for his first time directing a studio film. It also has a very funny, unexpected cameo in it. I give Zombieland an 89 of 100 because it an all around fun film for any fan of zombie comedies.

Benjamin Myers

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