Friday, October 9, 2009

Surrogates Review

Surrogates is the latest robot movie to be released. I am a fan of the director Jonathan Mostow who directed the WWII film "U-571" and robot film "The Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines". Also it stars the great Bruce Willis( Die Hard Tetralogy(4), and Sin City) and many more. The Surrogates is film that tries to be smart as a thriller and mystery but fails in the end. The big mystery is somewhat easy to figure out but still has some okay twist. I give praise to the special effects and how they use it. They make people look real but they look to perfect( Bruce Willis has a bad Wig). The real people controlling them look more normal and not even movie star good( Bruce Willis is Bald). I would like to think the money went into great effects and not as much into the writing. Overall, for Comic book movies this doesn't do them good. I recommend to not see it in theater, but rent or wait to go on television. I give it a 69 out of 100.

Benjamin Myers
PSN ID and Gamertag: Fusionman15

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