Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Netflix Coming To Playstation 3. UPDATE!!!!

Sometime next month, all Playstation 3 owners, who are also Netflix users will be able to instantly stream movies and TV shows directly to their PS3 free of charge. After months of speculation that Netflix would be on a console other than the Xbox 360, it finally will be. At first, PS3 users will have to have a free, Netflix-provided, Blu-ray disc that allows you to browse movies and TV shows. We should expect that Sony and Netflix are working together to create a firmware update or application that will take care of the Blu-ray disc problem. The addition of Netflix will eventually allow users to browse and update the "Watch Instantly" queues from the XMB. To get a head start on the PS3 Netflix experience go to http://www.netflix.com/ps3.

UPDATE!!! Netflix reps say an "embedded solution" will be available "late next year," presumably after Microsoft's exclusive arrangement with Netflix expires.

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