Sunday, October 11, 2009

Daily Movie News

This is Saturday time and it's time for your Daily Movie News

* The "Paranormal Activity" Demand It! website has finally made it to the magic number of 1 million Demand its. Paramount Pictures has came out and said they will release it in about 1,000 more theaters on October 16th. The Release of it will Compete with the yearly film series "Saw VI" and the remake" The Stepfather". The great interest in "Paranormal Activity" will most likely make it a great weekend for the Horror Movie genre.

* Neil Marshall(The Descent, Doomsday) is directing Burst 3D for Lionsgate and Ghost House Pictures. The film is about a group of friends held up in a lodge during a winter storm. Stuff goes wrong, they start to spontaneously combust one by one.

* Joss Whedon's highly anticipated "Cabin in the Woods" got pushed back from February 5th 2010 to January 14th 2011. The most likely reason is to get more mainstream hype and to get remastered in 3D after early screenings were greatly positive.

And more to come
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