Saturday, December 31, 2016

That's all Folks! Farewell from The Last Stand

Well it seems everything awesome has to come to end sooner or later. That time has to be now for The Last Stand. We have been here for years through thick and thin. Fat and skinny and back to fat. Well you get the idea.

For a small blog that started with a few high school friends wanting to voice their opinions and humor, I think we succeeded to some degree. Well one of us did. *cough cough I'm only one here for the last 5 or so years. I digress.

This isn't goodbye. It's just a I'll see you later. I will come back. Not like Jesus back but more like Phil Collins back. (That's the one where I'll come back here and there with new things.)

I love you all and Goodnight!

Happy New Years everyone!

If anyone wishes to join the team and take lead. Just email me please. I'm nice and don't bite (often...kidding..maybe..)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Trailer: Captain America: Civil War + Posters and Screenshots!

It has been quite some time since a post has been, well... posted. So what's a better way than doing a post about the first Captain America: Civil War trailer? I thought so.

The first trailer dropped not long ago and it was glorious in every way! We got to see the teams forming and see everything start falling into place for one epic fight. One epic Civil War (see what I did there).

We end up getting a great first glimpse of Black Panther in full costume and keeping his end of the fight very interesting. We are still waiting for our first glimpse of the elusive Spider-Man. In due time my friends. In due time.

So here is the trailer along with 3 Posters and some screenshots I took to get a better look at things including Black Panther, the teams, and the registration act itself.

Check them out

Thursday, February 19, 2015

6 Actors Who Should be the New Spider-Man

Some big news has been unveiled a couple of weeks ago involving ol' Spidey and Marvel. Spider-Man is coming home! (well sort of). Lets Explain!

Earlier, Sony Pictures (who owns the screen rights to Spider-Man and Company) decided to partner up with Marvel Studios and bring Spider-Man to the famous Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This is gigantic news regarding big studios working together and bringing together something the fans always wanted. They announced he will show up Captain America: Civil War and then a new solo film on July 28, 2017 that will go back to high school years. This means recasting Spider-Man unfortunately.

We are still a little hurt that Andrew Garfield will be leaving the role because he was Peter Parker. Can Marvel and Sony cast someone better? We have been researching for them and have come up with a few choices that should get a look at by them when the time comes.

Check out the full list and even a Bonus person!

FOX Picked DC Comics' 'Lucifer' for Pilot Order

FOX will attempt to add another DC Comics property to their prime time lineup very soon. They have ordered a Pilot for 'Lucifer' after a long process of getting it ready.

Last fall, Fox did a "Put Pilot" on Lucifer, which means they would pay some penalties if it never got pass the scripting stage. The team behind the scenes is very talented and no strangers to drama action. Big time producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, will be executive producing with Jonathan Littman and KristieAnne Reed.

Californication creator Tom Kapinos will script the pilot with Len Wiseman (Underworld, Sleepy Hollow) directing it.

That is pretty great team all around to bring this awesome comic series to life on screen. Although, we will hold reservations because of the direction they are going.

Hollywood Reporter says the premise will Lucifer "who is bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell and resigns his throne and abandons his kingdom for the beauty of Los Angeles, where he gets his kicks helping the LAPD punish criminals."

That isn't really close to how the comic went but for television's sake and FOX turning things into a police procedural, lets hope it works. Lucifer is an amazing deep character who deserves more recognition but hopefully this won't go down the wrong road. More info to come!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

First trailer for Hitman: Agent 47 hits Web

The Hitman franchise is a popular and once fantastic video game series that has recently taken a dip in quality but the movie adaptations have always lacked in every way. Can this movie be the redeeming factor to the terrible 2007 film?

My guess is no. Hitman was a series dedicated to being stealth and well thought out plans to kill the target. Of course, you could just go around killing people like this in the game and still beat it. I guess the writer Skip Woods (who also wrote the first one) did that when he played. How about going back and trying to play it the right way and write another movie with that kind of action? Maybe third time will be the charm for him. (Likely not).

 Hopefully this movie will be better then the first movie and it already holds promise to it by the looks of it. Check out the trailer below!

What has happened to The Last Stand?

If you have been a pretty frequent visitor on The Last Stand over the last 7 years then you probably have been wondering what happened to it.

Well, the site started as a little project in high school with a few friends getting together to make a site dedicated to movie, game, and comic news by geeks for geeks. We started out very strong and grew steadily over the years to surpassing 100k in viewership. The team ended up with just me taking on everything and keeping the site going. So what happened to posting last year?

The main site has taken a backseat while I'm wanting to do a makeover from top to bottom. The site is still very much alive and going on Twitter. So make sure to follow us @the_last_stand.

College and work will limit me from always being on top of the news coming out posting on the site but I will do my best. Also, there will be more top list and editorials done along with returning reviews of movies.

If anyone is interested to writing for The Last Stand or helping remodel the site then email me!

Thank you for visiting and we want to gain your follow and keep it going for years to come.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Zach Snyder Gives First Look at Batman and Batmobile

Finals are over!!! Yes! Yes! Ye..oh wait back to working on a top-notch website dedicated to movie and comics news I guess. Yes that sounds good to me because tons of big things are happening right now in the universe revolving around those things. Today is good because we get first look at Zack Snyder's Batman and batmobile.

Director Zack Snyder tweeted yesterday a little teaser image of the batmobile under a tarp prepped to be unveiled today. Well we were in for a treat!

Full pic of suit and batmobile after jump along along with a lighter color version to see full suit

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Godzilla IMAX Poster and Cool Japanese Trailer!

I really have to hand it to the Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures marketing team for creating this fantastic mystery and coolness around Godzilla. The film looks so amazing and intriguing without giving away hardly anything about the plot or the full Godzilla. I mean, do we really need to know more than Godzilla is back and fighting other monsters? We already know that right? Thank you marketing team for making this film jump ahead 20 spots to be in the Top 5 anticipated of the year.

They released this stunning IMAX poster for the film that has some pretty great homage to Japan. The new trailer doesn't offer anymore of the plot but gives us some new scenes that are pretty awesome.

 Trailer and Poster VIA Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures and

Check out the great Japanese trailer after the jump!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Marvel Studios the Biggest Movie Franchise Ever Now

This comes to no shock to anyone that watches movie ever. Marvel has officially became the highest grossing movie series in the domestic box office with over $2.46 billion in sales over 9 movies.

That surpasses Harry Potter (8 movies), Star Wars (6 movies), and James Bond (23 films) to be the top grossing franchise. That is pretty prestigious thing to get just with 9 movies.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is currently raising the number as it broke box office records for opening weekend. Also, with a list of movies coming out over the next couple of years, expect it to continue to rise above all others.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nathan Fillion in Guardians of the Galaxy?

So as we previously posted, we were in attendance at the Wizard World St. Louis Con this past weekend. I can't believe I will admit I missed this news when it happened...I know shame on me for missing the Firefly panel on Sunday. I wish I could have been there to here the awesome news!